Congratulations on your move

Mum and Dad were farmers but when the motorway went through, it carved a large slice off the farm, so they sold it and after a short course, became real estate agents. Whenever they sold a house, they would go to the local florist and order a bouquet for the new lady of the house, with a card saying “Congratulations on your move and we hope you enjoy the new location.”

Mum received a confused phone call from one of her newest clients thanking her for the flowers but was a little concerned that the card said “Rest in Peace”.

The following day Mum called into the florist. When she queried the wording on the card, the florist looked visibly worried.

“It’s no big deal.” she assured the florist. “I was just concerned the cards may have been mixed up.”

At that moment the phone rang. The florist answered it and was aplogising profusely to someone on the other end. When she came back to Mum she ashen faced.

“It can’t be that bad, surely.” Mum consoled her.

“Oh it is,” replied the florist, “That was the funeral director and he’s really pissed. I know where your card ended up!”

About Mimenta

Originally a teacher from NZ with a farming background I came to Aussie in 1981, from a cold wet Auckland, straight into the oven they call Brisbane and a chook farm owned by a rip-off artist who sent us broke. I fought up from the gutter, lost a wife, a business and gradually got back onto my feet. Along the way I met some colourful folks and had some great adventures and grew to love this great wide land of laconic people we call Aussie. I found my greatest asset wasn't my education or qualifications - it was my sense of humour and ability to record and relate those little things in life that are so precious and make us what we are - True Blue Aussies
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