Portrait of Dave - the culprit for everything.

Portrait of Dave – the culprit for everything.

Hi, I’m Dave – the brains (well . . . would you believe the driving force?) behind The Rusty Rake.

Contrary to popular belief, I personally am not the Rusty Rake!

In 2006, I was looking for an all-round DIY garden site that covered gardening from scratch – starting with a vacant lot, no landscaping and wall to wall red clay.  It’s frustrating reading about someone’s prize azaleas, deep rooted in humus rich peat, when all you have is red clay a drought!  The site did fairly well until I related a humorous incident and the response was crazy with dozens of emails asking for more articles in a similar vein

After living in other countries and finally moving back to New Zealand, I became distinctly aware of those little idiosyncrisies that make both Kiwis and Aussies unique. We are both one of the few races who delight in laughing at ourselves.

Now I run a Property Maintenance business and see humorous incidents almost daily, so why not share some?


Because of our involvement in the gourmet cuisine and health industry (you can find us at www.kitchenheadquarters.org), we will also cover growing herbs and fresh veges and not just flowers and shrubs. We’ll put recipes up on Kitchen Headquarters for the produce we grow on The Rusty Rake website.

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